Video: Importance of Behavioral Health EHR Software

    David Ballenberger with NextStep Solution discusses the importance of acquiring a  Behavioral Health EHR software for data collection and presentation.



    One of the critical pieces in terms of working with Electronical Health Records is the ability to pull relevent data and not just any information. You need to pull data that reflects the success of patients and the success of your clinical team. Many Electronical Medical Record systems are incapable of doing that. An EMR must able to work with a dashboard, and able to create custom reports that can pull the data you need to demonstrate success. You can use this data for federal agencies, credit bodies and even marketing! If your EMR is not able to complete these tasks, then you need to consider upgrading to one that can. 


    A thorough review of your current EMR against certifications is a smart idea. This handy worksheet will help you determine if your software is certified and check off the requirements your clinic needs.

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