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The Business of Mental Health: Podcast

David Ballenberger, MSW, is a guest on Everything EHR's The Business of Mental Health podcast talking about the business of mental health.

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What Everyone Should Know Before Starting A Private Behavioral Health Practice

Few private practitioners are armed with the necessary business skills when they decide to go into private practice.  According to the Small Business Administration, around 50% of new businesses will go out of business within 5 years.  The realities of running a small business that makes a profit can be discouraging and exhausting.  If you are someone considering going into private practice give some consideration to the following challenges.

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Mental Health Marketing: Measurement of Marketing Effectiveness

Measurement of the tactical efforts:

Marketing automation and return on investment ROI tracking are critical pieces of the puzzle for businesses now. On a basic level, Google Analytics offers every organization, for free, good baseline analytics that show who is visiting, allow for the creation of goal-conversion campaigns (for instance the download of a whitepaper or document on your care services.)  

More sophisticated ‘inbound marketing’ or ‘lead generation’ services are dives into ‘big data’ – truly understanding WHO is coming to your web site (by name) and systematically reaching out to them by content creation targeted at specific keyword searches. They’re out looking for your services, your caregivers and families. If you’re not on their searchable radar, your organization is, for marketing purposes, invisible.

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Mental Health Marketing: Developing a Tactical Marketing Plan

The tactical plan

Developing a tactical marketing plan is a critical function of executing a marketing strategy. Very often companies start here tactics when they start marketing. It’s the most visible and most recognized aspect of marketing, but unless you are following a strategy, your tactical efforts might be shots in the wrong direction, yielding little chance of success. 

At this point in your process, you have determined a goal and a direction for your organization, you have segmented your markets, and you understand the competitive and business environment. In a model not unlike a large road trip, you know where you’re going, where you’ll stay, what route to take and the amenities you’ll need along the way. Now it’s time to put those into action.

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Marketing Strategy for Mental Health Care Organizations

Strategy Development

Creating a marketing strategy for a behavioral healthe care organization is important. Marketing strategy answers important questions, such as where are we going as a company? Strategy is where we're going and tactics are how we'll get to our destination. 

Start with the following assessments; these will help you determine where your organization should go:

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Five Keys to Successfully Marketing a Behavioral Healthcare Organization: Overview

Every organization is a marketing organization today. Businesses that develop an externally focused, customer-centric strategy are the businesses that will grow and thrive. Marketing-driven companies build their business structure from the ground up to develop products and services aimed at customer needs. Behavioral healthcare organizations – whether an outpatient substance abuse and psychiatric clinic or a residential care facility will thrive with the same attention to marketing.

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Countering the Myths About Methadone Treatment

Methadone maintenance has been used in the United States for approximately 50 years as an effective treatment for opioid addiction. Yet many myths about its use persist, discouraging patients from using methadone, and leading family members to pressure patients using the treatment to stop.

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