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Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care In a Health Home Model

As the behavioral health care system changes and becomes more aligned with primary care specific models are being developed to assist patients and the provider. Human services will no longer be a system of providing service. Service delivery will become more structured within specific models of care. The “Health Home” is one of those models that require care that is patient centered, coordinated across the health care spectrum, and provided by a team of professionals that is headed by the patient’s personal physician. In order for a patient to qualify for services in a health home they must have two chronic conditions one of which can be mental illness. Technology will be key to coordinating the services that will be provided. These include: Read More

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Patient Portal: Parallel EHR Development

Why are patient portals more important than you think?

Patient portals create the means for the exchange of information between patients and physicians practices.  What was once considered a nice option for your EHR is becoming a necessity. Not all patient portals offer the same features.  It is important to make sure when purchasing software the patient portal is going to enhance the use of your EHR.

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5 Benefits of using Electronic Health Records

 Electronic health records (EHR) are detailed accounts of a patient’s behavioral health history, generated by multiple therapists and programs.  An EHR typically contains information such as the client’s demographics, a detailed social history, treatment planning, case reviews, psychiatric diagnosis, primary care history, and any past history of the client.

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How to Write a Mental Health Treatment Template

A mental health treatment template is a document that allows a therapist to detail a client’s current mental health issues and the selection of goals and strategies that will assist the client in overcoming his or her mental health issues.  The template must allow the therapist to obtain the information needed to complete a treatment plan.  The first step is for the therapist to interview the client.  The information gathered should be recorded in a system that allows for the development of a goal directed treatment plan

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Measuring Mental Health Outcomes

Measuring Mental Health Outcomes for Quality and Accountability

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EHR Software Results Metrics Matter - Benchmark Yours

Did you know that in many clinics using an electronic health record they are realizing some of the following results:

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Outcome-Based Medical Practice Software

While driving home the other evening, I listened to this NPR report about the adoption (or lack thereof) of electronic patient records (let alone electronic practice management) software in healthcare across the United States.

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