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The Business of Mental Health: Podcast

David Ballenberger, MSW, is a guest on Everything EHR's The Business of Mental Health podcast talking about the business of mental health.

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Raising the Bar: Mental Health Conference Outlines Changes in Behavioral Health Care

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health authority and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI co-hosted a conference entitled Raising the Bar that focused on improving mental health services.  These improvements would assure that persons would receive help in a more organized and focused process of care.  This is not a new theme for a conference on the topic of serving the mentally ill, substance abuse, and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

For those who have worked in the system for many years the claim of improving service delivery has been a repetitive theme.  Often the improvements are driven by funding and not the needs of the person in care.  Let’s take a look at the proposed changes that are going to raise the bar:

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How Behavioral EHR Improves Practices

While many of the large urban area mental health centers have adopted electronic health records (EHR) smaller providers and those in a solo practice have not adopted an EHR.  Now that the October 2014 date has passed for providers to begin using an EHR they will begin being fined.  Providers are now looking at a 15% cut in payments.  With many systems being cloud based it has reduced the cost of purchasing an EHR.

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7 Things about Substance Abuse Clinical Management Software Your Boss Wants You To Know

Gone are the days when keeping patient records and maintaining appointment schedules is done on paper and in paper charts.  The advancements in software technology have transformed the way programs maintain their records, scheduling and billing.

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How to Write a Mental Health Treatment Template

A mental health treatment template is a document that allows a therapist to detail a client’s current mental health issues and the selection of goals and strategies that will assist the client in overcoming his or her mental health issues.  The template must allow the therapist to obtain the information needed to complete a treatment plan.  The first step is for the therapist to interview the client.  The information gathered should be recorded in a system that allows for the development of a goal directed treatment plan

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Is the use of medications like methadone simply replacing one addiction with another?

No. Methadone is a prescribed or administered under monitored, controlled conditions is safe and effective for treating opioid addiction when used as directed. When administered orally or sublingually (i.e., under the tongue) in specified doses, methadone’s effects differ from those of heroin and other abused opioids.

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Mental Health Web-based Software Should Work Around Your Workflow

Are you tired of seeing a demo of mental health web based software and then realizing your organization will have to change the way your business operates to fit the software?  If you are looking at software that looks good and functions well as long as you change your workflow and all your forms to something unfamiliar, how effective will your organization be? If you use a canned treatment plan that is not yours and you are unable to make changes to forms easily, will your clinicians and support staff mutiny the change?  You should be looking for software that fits your workflow, accommodates your needs using your forms and treatment plans, provides you with easy to use features to make changes when desired. A good mental health web based software package can and should structure how the billing information is transferred to billing multiple ways. 

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