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How to Compare Software for Behavioral Health Treatment

What makes software systems different and how do you know if you're looking at the system that best meets your needs?  It is very important to be objective when looking at software.  When you are taking that long objective look, when making comparisons between Qualifacts, Netsmart, Psych Advantage, and Kareo, consider the following:

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Video: Creating a treatment plan for behavioral health

What are the key aspects of creating a behavioral health treatment plan template? In this video, David Ballenberger outlines the top elements of a treatment plan.

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The Role of the EHR in Developing Medication-Assisted Recovery

Too often Electronic Health Records (EHR) are thought of as only a place to enter and store data, not playing a key role in medication-assisted therapy. For many programs and systems this is the one capability they are designed and used for. But if the EHR is thought of as a tool in the process of change, it takes on a different purpose. Methadone is used to assist patients with managing the symptoms associated with substance abuse. Methadone is often referred to as a crutch and not a true treatment for helping the patient to quit using. Katherine Blakely, a therapist and administrator for a methadone program in Detroit, Mi. sees methadone as a therapeutic tool for assisting patients in Recovery.

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How Well Does Methadone Treatment Work?

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Utilizing an Electronic Health Record for Treatment Planning

“The good treatment plan is a comprehensive set of tools and strategies that address the client’s identifiable strengths as well as her or his problems and deficits. It presents an approach for sequencing resources and activities, and identifies benchmarks of progress to guide evaluation.”

-Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) 1994d, p 21

That definition of a treatment plan was written eighteen years ago. At that time plans were written on paper with little follow up or measurement. The system we were working in at that time did not require outcome measures or the need to demonstrate that the client actually got better. Often that patient went through a prescribed process of treatment that was used with everyone. Although screening and assessments were used to identify issues that the patient needed to address, often the treatment was not based on the needs of the individual. If we look at the treatment plan as a map to improved behavior on going assessment must be done to determine positive outcomes for the patient.

Let’s move ahead twenty years and look at what tools are available to improve the process of change.

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Using Predictive Modeling in Heath Care with Medicare Populations

Electronic Health Records are like any tool that is used to assist patients in both primary and behavioral health. To be effective the EHR must be using the best available patient information to develop both a clinically sound and cost effective treatment plan. Predictive modeling combined with integrated care and automated technology will assist case managers in designing a plan that is efficient, high quality, and cost effective health care.

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Student Training of Professional Social Workers

One of the responsibilities of a professional social worker is the training of students wanting to enter the field.  Often the student is in a field placement and depending if they are a under graduate or a graduate student determines the work they are asked to do.   Most of the time they are involved with case work and providing therapy to clients in the program.  Creating a challenge for the field supervisor of being able to follow the students work on a daily basis and giving them immediate feedback.  If the student is working on paper giving them feedback can be difficult and sometimes does not happen at all.  Making the use of an electronic health record necessary for many reasons:

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