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Value-Based Care: is it the answer to the nation's health care crisis?

Value Based Care: Is it the Answer? 

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The Business of Mental Health: Podcast

David Ballenberger, MSW, is a guest on Everything EHR's The Business of Mental Health podcast talking about the business of mental health.

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Is your EHR ready for the changes coming to value-based care economy?

Can Your Electronic Health Record Add Subtract and Multiply?

I can remember standing at the back of the room and waiting for Sister Theresa to give me a math problem that I would have to figure it out before I got to the front of the room.  As behavioral health moves closer to value-based payment your software is going to be standing at the back of the room waiting for the question and then be expected to figure it out.  The question you have to ask is: is your software ready for the changes in treatment and payment that are coming as we move into a value-based economy?

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The Future of Health Care Includes Value Based Payment

The U.S. healthcare is going to be changing. No longer will consumers receive services for the purpose of the provider being able to bill. The days of getting 32 visits approved and not needing to prove value for those visits will become a thing of the past. The ability to track outcome data by using achievable goals based on the patients’ needs will become more critical. The provider will be asked to manage the total cost of care. In a value based model the use of electronic records will become mandatory in the tracking of achieving goals and maintaining a healthy life style after completing therapy.

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